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About us
We help people and Organizations to become what they are meant to become.

Founded on February 13, 2009, Bertagni Consulting srl is a consulting company that deals with export and internationalization processes, lobbying and management consulting, training and publishing. We work with manufacturing companies, service providers, schools, universities, institutions and organizations.


Marco Bertagni, 1964, after his classical studies, graduated in 1988 in Political Sciences, with a thesis on Political and Economic Geography on the Reclaiming of the Zuiderzee and then enlisted in the Navy as officer of the Coast Guard. In 1991 he obtained a master’s degree in International Trade with ICE (Foreign Trade Institute) and began working as an Export Manager in Emilia Romagna. Then he worked for 8 years at AIDI (Associazione Industrie Dolciarie Italiane), as Head of Foreign Trade, Economic Statistics, Environment and Raw Materials, and then, from 2000 to 2009, as a Director at Assodistil (National Association of Distillers of Alcohols and Spirits).
He founded Bertagni Consulting srl in 2009, and in 2016 he graduated in Geographical Sciences for Environment and Health with a thesis in Environmental Analysis of Urban and Territorial Systems on Emotional Cartography.
He was inspired by a picture of himself, at three years old, smiling, with a suitcase in his hand, ready to leave. This led to writing a book about a journey into the geography of emotions, between reality and imagination: The River of Life. From the book a project was born, the creation in 2019 of EMME (Eliciting Mapping Managing Emotions), an experiential laboratory consisting of 64 professionals, from the 5 Continents. His dream of bringing companies together, developing international exchanges, combining disciplines and offering reasoned insights to People and Organizations to help them become who they are, continues to flow.
Bertagni Consulting srl - in addition to its corporate partners – consists of a comprehensive international team, working together across our range of activities.
This multi-cultural and diverse network of specialized and experienced colleagues, oriented in problem solving and innovation, are located in many countries across the world: from Russia to Canada, from Mexico to Portugal, from China to the Baltic States, from France to the UK, from the USA to South Korea, from Japan to Spain.
  • We carry out operational research to stimulate international markets, and/or to encourage increased turnover, in the fields of agroindustry, food, wines and alcoholic beverages. We take a particular focus on areas of South East Asia, Russia, Northern Europe and NAFTA 2.0. We manage the outsourcing networks of enterprises in order to carry on Joint Trade actions
  • Trading and export activities
  • Creation and management in outsourcing of industrial associations. Currently Bertagni Consulting srl coordinates and promotes the interests of Widen (WiNE DISTILLERIES EUROPEAN NETWORK), MUST (Network of European Producers of Concentrated and Rectified Grape Musts) and FederMosti (Italian correspondent of MUST)
  • Representation of interests for individual companies and management consultancies.
Professional and Personal Development
  • Conception, editing and publication of Books
  • Conception and prototyping of Company Games
  • Conception and development of Videos
  • Screenplays of Movies and TV Series
  • Definition of photographic projects
  • Co-productions of Musical Cds
Our Mission
Paying particular attention to the needs and objectives of our clients, and through customer consultation, we develop bespoke services aimed at developing potential in people, companies and organizations.
People are at the heart of our services, our aim being to foster growth: both in terms of soft and hard skills.
We encourage the establishment of thought engineering that combines emotional aspects with technical knowledge.
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